August Goals

August 1, 2015


+ Create A Travel Series : Work, Save, Travel, Repeat…I’ve come to the point where weekend getaways to places are feasible. So with that I have prepared myself for travel. I will have some great posts on traveling light. – My first travel series done for my Seattle trip, with more to come!
+ Plan A Trip : Even if I must travel alone, there’s places I want to visit. Booked and done. More on that soon.
+ Organize and Downsize : I can’t even begin to tell you how much it annoys me to have so much stuff. I did some major damage earlier in the year, donating and selling but I still have so much knick knacks. Room by room. – I gave away and sold again. I’m almost at the place I want to be.
+ Upgrade My Makeup : Most of my makeup products are in the middle range in terms of prices. However, wanting to create a more high end looks is investing in those as well. I’m almost out of most items, so it’s time to replace those. – Gave away and threw away makeup. Upgraded to NARS…my new addiction.
+ Find a Skincare Regimen : I threw away expired and unused products. I’m down to the basics. I have my eye on 3 brands. Which to choose is the question. Still on the hunt and still using up other products.

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11 Things About Me

July 27, 2015


My Nickname – Jules
My Eye Color – Dark brown but sometimes look black.
My Hair Color – Dark brown and I haven’t colored it for quite sometime, so it’s my natural brown.
My Height – 4’10” yes, middle school children are taller than me and look older than me.
One Fact About Me – I have mischievous tendencies.
My Favorite Color – Grey, I went from Blue to Hot Pink.
Favorite Place – I lived in Hawaii when I was young and I really want to go back.
My Favorite Celebrity – I can’t help it I follow and stalk Kylie Jenner, she’s such a vixen.
My Favorite Animal – I love dogs, I will make eye contact and say hi to a dog instead of to a human being.
My Favorite Song – Currently, Jhene Aiko “W.A.Y.S”
My Favorite Book – I’m definitely a Pothead…ahem Harry Potter books and movies!!


30 Things Before 30

July 25, 2015


I swear the days go by faster every year and I am now one more year away from turning 30 years young. Around this time most people realize that there’s big things to do, before winding down. Sure, it’s not technically becoming old but there’s a bit of a reservation on having a plan down.

I’ve been working on a bucket list and been reading other people’s list. I feel we all have the same goals. At this point, I definitely want to have more financial freedom and not try to BUY items. I don’t care to own a house or settle down (however, it’s something I would want). I want to experience more before that.

Here’s is my list of 30 Things Before 30:

  1. Go on a cruise
  2. Travel abroad
  3. Pay off credit card debt
  4. Start YouTube video blogging
  5. Adopt a dog
  6. Get a passport
  7. Travel Solo
  8. Buy a new car
  9. Build an emergency savings fund
  10. Go Apple everything
  11. Learn to surf
  12. Move to another city
  13. Live in a loft
  14. Swim in the Blue Lagoon
  15. Take a photography class
  16. Attend Mardi Gras
  17. Float around in the Dead Sea
  18. Attend College
  19. Skinny dip in the ocean
  20. Go to a comedy show
  21. Swim in the largest swimming pool
  22. Stay in a cabin by the lake
  23. Live with less
  24. Drink beer at Oktoberfest
  25. Take a helicopter Tour over Kauai
  26. Walk on the Grand Canyon Sky walk
  27. Visit every continent
  28. Eat at One of the World’s Best Restaurants
  29. Do a zip line
  30. Upgrade my wardrobee

It’s a pretty ambitious list but I only have one lifetime. I hope this inspires you to create your goals and live life


Travel Light: Essential Makeup and Toiletry Bag

July 20, 2015


Planning and editing your beauty products is essential for minimal travel. I have researched all types of bag sizes and shapes. To keep things simple I purchased a travel case set from Cuyana. It’s the perfect size to keep things to a minimum.

Choose a small bag, it will keep you from over packing items that you don’t need. Bags with compartments will help you stay organized. The travel case set from Cuyana, is perfect for a matching makeup and toiletry bag.

Invest in travel plastic containers to keep from carrying bulky items. The Container Store offers the best options a variety of sizes and shapes for short or long trips. Most hotels offer toiletries, skip on what they provide.

Gather up all your beauty and makeup sample products. Sephora offers samples in-store and online.













Edit and edit down even more. Grab products that can provide multiple uses.


Do you bring a lot of makeup when you travel or just keep your makeup routine to the bare essentials?


Creating A Minimalist Wardrobe with Stylebook

July 17, 2015


Creating a minimalist wardrobe can be hard. The Stylebook App has over 90 features to help you visualize and create the perfect wardrobe. The app enables you to see your entire wardrobe, create looks, manage your looks and more.


Edit Your Closet
+ add your own clothes
+ background removal and rotation


Create Your Looks
+ free-form canvas for creating outfits
+ layer and resizing clothing items


Organize Packing Lists
+ assign images for your destination
+ custom titles and notes field

Stylebook App– Get the most out of your closet – for the price of a latte or a gossip magazine, you could have a closet assistant for life!